Data completeness: a podcast with Dan Drozd

Data completeness may be considered a key factor in the generation of high-quality real-world evidence. In this podcast, The Evidence Base® speaks to Chief Medical Officer at PicnicHealth (CA, USA), Dan Drozd, to learn about the importance of data completeness, unstructured data and the external influences. 

This podcast is part of our In Focus on data completeness. Learn more about the generation of real-world data by accessing the feature homepage.

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  • Could you introduce yourself and PicnicHealth to our listeners?00:53
  • Can you define data completeness and why is it so important to real-world evidence?01:48
  • What is unstructured data and why is it important compared to structured data?03:40
  • How does PicnicHealth define quality and how is your viewpoint informed by regulatory bodies?05:23
  • Can you share some recent industry successes and challenges concerning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques?08:03
  • Are wider changes within the healthcare industry necessary to improve data completeness strategies?10:11
  • Can you explain some practical benefits of data completeness for patients and their outcomes?12:20
  • How do you see real-world evidence generation developing over the next 5–10 years? Is there anything hindering this?14:38

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