Investigational agent could help manage postoperative pain without the use of opioids

Written by The Evidence Base

Real-world evidence, from a multi-center postoperative pain management study, has shown that the investigational agent, HTX-011, could be a key tool in helping reduce opioid prescriptions after surgery. This study, from Heron Therapeutics (CA, USA), provides real-world evidence that their investigational agent HTX-011, prescribed along with generic over-the counter (OTC) oral analgesics (acetaminophen and ibuprofen) could help reduced the overall use of opioids after surgery for pain management. Currently, the average patient in the US undergoing inguinal hernia repair surgery receives a discharge prescription for 30 opioid pills. HTX-011 is an investigational, long-acting, extended-release formulation of a potent anesthetic and...

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