Evidera–Medimix International acquisition aims to improve real-world evidence collation

Written by Ilana Landau, Editor

The PPD LLC business unit Evidera (MD, USA) has moved to acquire the global technology company Medimix International (FL, USA).

Evidera (MD, USA) has announced its takeover of the global technology company Medimix International (FL, USA), which specializes in the provision of real-world evidence to pharmaceutical companies. Evidera, a business unit of Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) LLC (MD, USA), is a key demonstrator of real-world applications, worth and safety of health care products.

The move aims to allow Evidera to offer improved technological solutions and health care provider access through the enhanced real-world evidence collation.

Medimix utilizes cloud-based software to make sense of real-world, practical performances and results of new treatments and, employs one of the most extensive collections of health care providers, with over 2.2 million participating clinicians.

Medimix’s prime solution, LiveTrackerTM, is unique in its capacity to supply trustworthy real-world evidence on areas including treatment outcomes, patient profiles and market structure, in over 60 countries. This is achieved by real-time monitoring of clients’ desired markers by following changes in specific performance indicators and real-world data.

It is hoped that Evidera acquisition of Medimix International will allow Evidera to make use of the unique compilation of data Medimix’s solutions can supply, to generate more resourceful research concerning various therapeutic endpoints.

Evidera president Karen Kaucic, stated that the company “…looks forward to leveraging the capabilities and resources of Medimix to develop novel approaches to access and maximize the utility of real-world data.”

Henry Gazay, CEO, Medimix, also noted: “By joining forces with Evidera, we will better support our existing clients with extended resources and geographic footprint. Our ambition is to bridge the gap between real-world data used for research and commercial purposes, and to offer a wide range of new solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.”

Source: www.evidera.com/news-events/news/evidera-to-acquire-medimix-expanding-solutions-for-real-world-research/