Mercy launches real-world evidence network in a bid to improve patient care

The initiative aims to pool anonymized patient data from healthcare providers and share this amongst providers, drug manufacturers and regulatory bodies to improve patient care with enhanced analysis of clinical data.

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Mercy health system’s (MO, USA) technology arm has launched a nationwide real-world evidence (RWE) network initiative to collate clinical data from various healthcare providers. They will leverage this to improve data analysis delivering providers ‘enhanced’ RWE for use in their clinical and business decisions to improve patient care.

The platform has launched with focuses on orthopedic, cardiology and oncology evidence. The network uniquely provides drug and device manufacturers with curated clinical data that is regularly updated with new records. The system also enables users to receive clinical practice information regarding their products and access to clinicians who may be able to supplement context to the data for easier understanding.

The initiative is aiding healthcare leaders to make better, well-informed decision that improve patient care.

Mercy initiated this work following their successful leveraging of RWE to compare the costs of their new medical devices with the benefits they yield for patients. They secured research partnerships with various, high-profile global health technology leaders, including Johnson and Johnson (NJ, USA) Medical Devices and Medtronic (Dublin, Ireland).

Rick Kuntz, Senior Vice President of strategic scientific operations at Medtronic commented: “Having the ability to study patient care pathways and conditions before and after exposure to a medical device is crucial to understanding how those devices perform outside of the controlled clinical trial setting…By partnering together, Mercy and Medtronic have set out to create a comprehensive and economical evidence generation model that ultimately allows patients to benefit from the latest therapies and technologies as early as possible.”

Though the most meaningful outcomes from the network concern improved patient care, the system offers additional benefits to other stakeholders, such as drug and device manufacturers and federal health agencies. For example, the former may be able to utilize the bank of RWE to help address regulatory requirements, support outcomes-based contracts and reduce marketing time of their products.

Curtis Dudley, Mercy Technology Services’ Vice President of data analytics, commented: “It’s a clinical research model where everyone wins. Mercy built our RWE platform to make sure we’re providing the best possible care, but with an urgent need for data-driven change across health care, it just makes sense to scale our efforts, share unique capabilities and come together as empowered providers to create better care for patients everywhere.”


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