RWE makes the pill sweeter with low deep vein thrombosis risk in monophasic and levonorgestrel contraceptives

Written by Darcy Hodge, Editor


A real-world safety study has investigated the likelihood of side effects from oral contraceptives. The study, funded by Theramex (London, UK), demonstrated that the monophasic contraceptive Zoley® has a low risk of venous thromboembolism, similar to levonorgestrel-combined contraceptives. Termed PRO-E2, the safety study had its findings published in The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care. Overall, more than 101,000 participants globally engaged in the prospective cohort study. This included first time users and those restarting contraception. Researchers investigated the regular use of both contraceptives, alongside adverse events and pregnancies, during the collection period. Primarily, the aim was to investigate the real-world risk of cardiovascular events in both types of contraceptives....

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