Join us in London, UK for Real-World Evidence Live!

Using evidence from the real world is increasingly important to ensure disease management strategies achieve their desired outcomes. There has been a huge increase in the generation and availability of real-world data through electronic health records, insurance claims databases and even mobile apps. It is therefore vital to make sure that this data is being gathered and analyzed appropriately, using the best methodologies available. 

How can we move real-world evidence (RWE) from theory to practice, to truly inform patient care? How can RWE inform drug development and approval processes when making market access decisions, or when a patient and their physician decide on a management strategy?

Real-World Evidence Live will bring together key stakeholders from regulatory bodies, industry, academia and primary care to facilitate the translation of RWE research into tangible outcomes for patients. 

Don't miss out on:

  • International regulatory guidance on RWE 
  • Pharma RWE strategy
  • RWE methodology and visualization best practice
  • Implementing RWE findings in primary care

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