New real-world evidence system to assess effectiveness of COVID-19 treatments

Written by Ilana Landau, Editor

Aetion (NY, USA) and HealthVerity (PA, USA) have announced their expanded collaboration over a novel system, powered by real-world data, to generate evidence on the clinical safety and effectiveness of proposed interventions for COVID-19.

Aetion (NY, USA) and HealthVerity (PA, USA) have announced the expansion of their existing partnership over a novel system — termed ‘Real-Time Insights and Evidence’ — which will be powered by real-world data and utilized by biopharmaceutical manufacturers and regulators to evaluate the clinical safety and effectiveness of interventions for COVID-19.

The system will leverage the Aetion Evidence Platform® to analyze real-world data from HealthVerity to offer insight on the usage, safety and clinical effectiveness of various proposed interventions for the management and treatment of COVID-19.

“As the industry moves to accelerate interventions for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19, the stakes are incredibly high. Our offerings use HealthVerity’s comprehensive, real-time data to obtain decision-ready insights that can help meet the need for accelerated approvals and access, while maintaining our high bar for evidence to support critical safety and effectiveness determinations,” explained Carolyn Magill, CEO of Aetion.

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Data for powering the tool will be sourced from individuals’ medical and pharmacy claims, lab tests, relevant electronic health record fields and other real-world data sources.

The data fed into the platform will be continuously updated in real time, as more are generated and collected. The system will also be utilized to generate evidence on the broader impact of the pandemic on healthcare resource use, as manufacturers and regulators will be able to visualize data on how individuals, with or without COVID-19, are accessing health care resources.

Currently, there are no approved treatments for COVID-19 and the outbreak has severely disrupted the infrastructure for traditional clinical trials, creating new challenges for those running drug development initiatives.

In these challenging times, real-world evidence could be invaluable for supporting accelerated drug approvals and for helping satisfy post-marketing requirements. In a recent interview with The Evidence Base®, Philip Robinson (Senior Staff Specialist within the Department of Rheumatology at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia) stated: “In the absence of any information, observing real-world outcomes from large numbers of cases helps both inform current healthcare practice, as well as highlight patterns that may warrant further investigation with more robust research techniques.” 

Andrew Kress, CEO of HealthVerity, commented: “There is no lack of fragmented data around COVID-19 symptoms, tests and diagnoses, but the challenge lies in assembling data about affected patients in a meaningful way for research purposes.”

“…we have built ready-for-use, real-time patient longitudinal data sets to aid in the tracking and progression of COVID-19, as well as potential therapeutics and health care utilization at large,” continued Kress.