In Focus: transparency in real-world evidence

Transparency – from methods of data generation to analytic models employed – is an essential aspect of real-world evidence generation and research. Collaboratively working toward increased transparency in the fields of real-world and comparative effectiveness research could see stakeholders across the industry increasingly employ real-world evidence for coverage and regulatory decision-making.

What are some of the challenges associated with achieving this transparency? How can we work towards greater transparency in the field?

In this In Focus feature, we explore the critical and timely topic of transparency in real-world evidence research, as well as the future of this field. We hope you enjoy and encourage you to share any feedback by tweeting us @EvidenceBaseFSG, or emailing our editor!

Feature exclusives include ‘Ask the Expert’ interviews with Pall Jonsson (NICE, Manchester, UK) and Nirosha Mahendraratnam Lederer (Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, NC, USA), and behind-the-paper insights from Gabriel Tremblay (Purple Squirell Economics, NY USA) concerning a criterion-based approach to systematic and transparent comparative effectiveness research.

Featured articles from the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research: