EHR shows breakthrough COVID-19 infection affects immunocompromised most

Written by Darcy Hodge, Editor

Breakthrough infection

A real-world study led by researchers from Pfizer (NY, USA) investigating the incidence of breakthrough infections has been published in the Journal of Medical Economics. In the retrospective cohort of approximately 1.2 million individuals, immunocompromised participants appeared to be more likely to catch COVID-19. The team analyzed the real-world data (RWD), including sources such as electronic health records (EHR), of the fully vaccinated cohort. RWD was provided by HealthVerity (PA, USA), covering commercial, Medicaid and Medicaid health care information. Between the time frame of December 10, 2020, and July 8, 2021, 0.08% had a breakthrough infection of COVID-19 recorded on...

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