A peek inside the panel debate: is shared decision-making worth it?

Written by Kimberly Westrich and Theresa Schmidt

In this feature, Kimberly Westrich (National Pharmaceutical Council, DC, USA) and Theresa Schmidt (Discern Health, MD, USA) present a ‘peek inside the panel debate’ at the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research’s (ISPOR) 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting (18–20 May): is shared decision-making (SDM) worth it? Shared decision-making (SDM) has been referred to as the ‘pinnacle of patient-centered care’ and has been demonstrated to increase patient satisfaction, reduce decisional conflict and improve care outcomes. However, less is known about the impacts of SDM on healthcare costs and utilization, as well as the unintended consequences of SDM. Does SDM reduce low-value care...

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